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The NEW “R.O.I”

Return On Intelligence

Professional Workshops

with Ambition

Facilitation-Training-Team Building

1. Coaching the Practice of Sales Fitness
2. Coaching the Practice of Self-Awareness
3. Coaching the Practice of Self-Care and Wellness
4. Coaching the Practice of Managing Stress and Anxiety
5. Coaching the Art of Navigating Conflict
6. Coaching the Art of Leadership

Research has shown that organisations that actively support and nurture learning are 30% more likely to be ‘Brand Leaders’… So there is real value from a business perspective, an innovation perspective, a leadership perspective, a nurturing perspective, a profit perspective to invest in becoming a learning organisation.

All workshops, trainings and facilitations are geared to the comprehensive training of proffessionals who want to fine tune themselves to achieve peak performance through self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-improvement.

Each workshop is designed to build on and enhance each individuals soft skills and promote reflection and introspection.

What you will get:

• Enhanced EQ… Relationships… Leadership… Motivation… 

• Focus… Direction… Communication and more…

• Improved energy/presence in the moment in every interaction

• Achieve peak performance

What can you expect?

• Interactive, breakout practices, roll plays, group discussions

• Develop an understanding of personal mindsets, attitudes, and behaviours to achieve positive outcomes.

• Have direct visceral experience of how good sales communication feels. 

• Learn difference between good and bad communication, and access to the skills required to improve.

• Develop flexibility in uncertainty and discover techniques for group creative problem-solving. 

• Explore your current level of Self-Awareness

• Set out goals to support you to fine tune to peak performance.•Build a sense of community and support by sharing experiences

• Group and 1:1 coaching