The 3 Big Questions

#being #doing #going

Clarity of thought, feeling emotion and action!

3rd Principle in In-Vision Coaching

#being – Who am I? / Who am I being?

Who am I? / Who am I Being?

Who are you being? This is such an important question as… it defines who you truly are. Most of us have learnt to hide who we are being or we have stapled it to our job… but that is not who we truly are! Being – is our very existencethe substance of our natureAre you embracing and embodying your true self and reflecting the truest from of that expression?

#doing – What am I doing? – What do I want?

What do I want? and What am I doing to get it?

What am I doing? A simple and powerful question… by its very definition it implies that you are very much in the present moment… you are engaged with your activity... you are in harmony with your plan or task… exerting your fullest attention and effort. Doing – is being present and engaged… a conscious embodiment of your task.

#going – Where am I going?

Where do I want to go? What is my vision and goal?

Where am I going? A purpose and direction… a mission perhaps… It evokes the energy of movement… ambition… desire… goal… The true alignment of your being and doing in perfect balance and flow… Going – is taking the correct action at the correct time and flowing with purpose, desire and goals.