In-Vision Coaching

“Fine Tuning for Peak Performance”

Self-Knowledge, Self-Awareness, Self-Improvement are the qualities that are at the HEART & CORE of everything be it Leadership, Career, Communication, Relationships etc… You need never to get the feeling like you are being left behind again.

David Bingley – Coach, Guide, Facilitator & Educator

Quality in ALL Things

– 1st Principle in In-Vision Coaching

Leadership & Empowerment Coaching is:

– Fine Tuning For Peak Performance

– Self-Knowledge, Self-Awareness, Self-Improvement

– Mental & Emotional Fitness

– Communication, Consensus, Guidance & Synergy

By David Bingley – CPCC, PCC

(Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Professional Certified Coach)

take small steps to … LIVE LARGE

– David Bingley CPCC, PCC, Development Coach and Founder of In-Vision Coaching

Fine Tuning

Builds Insights via Reflection & Action

  • Weekly project goals and accountability to measure and gauge progress
    • Developing a vision, model and practice for success and fulfilment
  • Weekly 60 Minute coaching sessions (In-Person, Zoom, Skype or Phone)
    • Identifying and transforming unhealthy, self limiting beliefs, actions and habits that are holding you back.
  • Individually designed project and plans.
    • Getting off the endless treadmills you are stuck on which are boring and unfulfilling.
  • Weekly text/email checkins to review progress.
  • Spot” Coaching to address immediate blocks
    • Just-in-time development. Providing feedback, setting a goal, building a plane and strategy and follow up to provide support and track impact.
  • Weekly and ongoing practices to move projects and plans forward
    • Learning how and where to build healthy boundaries and how to say No!
    • Knowing when to step back and nurture yourself guilt free!
    • Letting go of past traumas, tragedies and disappointments using them as fuel to skilfully navigate your future.
  • Celebrate everything especially the areas that went wrong because you are awake and aware of what you can change!

Peak Performance

Results and Outcomes

– Practice, Behaviour, Commitment

  • Gaining clarity and direction designing professional and personal goals
  • Obtaining and actualizing a satisfying, fulfilling career using actions and accountability
  • Building effective time-management and organizational skills
  • Creating balance and job satisfaction to sustainably performs at peak levels
  • Achieving “stretch” goals and business results
  • Motivating and developing effective teams and direct reports
  • Developing powerful presence, decisiveness and self-confidence
  • Achieving career advancement, including promotions and higher level projects
  • Developing a leadership style that maximises natural strengths

Success is internal… fulfilled & influenced within our own mind.

– David Bingley CPCC, PCC, Development Coach and Founder of In-Vision Coaching

Industries I Coach in:

In no particular order:

Media, Computer & Software, Apparel & Accessories, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Technology, Consumer Products, Financial Services, Banking, Customer Relations, Real Estate, Insurance, Data Collection, Hospitality, IT Services

Companies I Coached with:

Why I Coach!

I coach for all those key moments when faces change and the soul lights up and there is a spark… a stillness… a knowing… a breakthrough… when realisation is washing over you… emotions are releasing and everything has changed… because in that moment… everything is possible… everything is going to be fall into place… I get goosebumps and emotional as I witness transformation … honouring the courage and bravery of an individual who has looked their fear in the eye and stared it down… who has stretched themselves beyond their imagination… who has dug deep into their heart and soul and emerged as the victor… owning their life and their dreams and their reality… that is why I coach and I get to see this every single day and it does not get old… it lights up my soul…my heart… my dreams…

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending!

CS Lewis

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is listening… it is seeing… it is feeling… it is intuiting… it is mirroring… it is curiosity… it is empathy… it is empowering… it is embodiment… it is fulfilling… it is ownership… it is awakening…. It is awareness… it is calling you out on your doubts… it is spotlighting your qualities… it is visiting your values, examining them in detail until you take ownership of them… it is shaking you up… it is taking you to places you only dreamed about… it is breaking down the walls that hem you in… it is conquering the voices that tell you that you are not good enough… it is breaking down the judgements that block your path… it is shining a light on who you truly are… it is supporting your dreams… it is supporting your goals… it is letting you know that you are good enough… it is about expressing that you deserve to be happy… it is about cheerleading… it is about letting you know that you are good enough and you always have been… it is about you… it is only about you… it is about you shining your light in the way that you want to in the places that you want to shine it….  it is a free-flowing conversation holding your agenda…

It is ALWAYS about you… it is always in service to you… it is always you… you are first and foremost… you are on the top of the list… you are always the priority…. You

What Do You Get From Coaching?

You get to be heard… listened to… seen… felt… understood… empowered… express… brave… be stretched out of your comfort zone… called out… challenged… shaken up… face your fears… release emotions… embody feelings… re boot… re calibrate… fine tune… take ownership… be responsible… become the person you truly want to be…

What do I do?

I listen and flow… I shine a spot light your emotions and feelings… the joy or sadness and then we lean into that and go on a journey into exploring you at depth with a deep dive to discover your hidden treasures and gems and release the doubts and fears… I make requests of you… I give you things to contemplate… I offer up challenges… I support you on your journey to achieve your dream (s)… you get bespoke tools to help you… you get to set your targets and time lines to achieve your dreams… you get to own you life… own your destiny… you get to In-Vision what you want?

About In-Vision

In-Vision was founded by David Bingley CPCC, PCC a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Professional Certified Coach on the premise that everyone needs to be aware of, answer and practice three key questions in-order to live their best life and achieve a joyful, fulfilled and productive life.  

  1. Who am I being? 2. What am i doing? 3. Where am I going?

David has been coaching professionals in a wide spectrum of industries to achieve their goals in all aspects of life be it work, career, financial, promotion, recognition and in particular fine-tuning performance giving the edge to be seen / recognised / rewarded / achieve success or simply cross the line.

Successful people know who they are being, what they are doing & where they are going! What does that mean for you?

-David Bingley-

Everyone is an inspiration to someone even if they do not know it! I am inspired everyday by the strength resilience and creativity of my clients

-David Bingley-