My Cornerstone Principle

Quality in ALL Things

– 1st Principle in In-Vision Coaching

David Bingley

Who I am

“I am a Leadership & Empowerment Coach who is passionate about Self-Knowledge, Self-Awareness and Self-Improvement which I embody in my own life. It is a space that lights me up, and I spend time researching, reading and talking to like minded people about to continue to grow in this space. I love sharing my knowledge as a Development Coach in 1:1 Coaching or Team Coaching as well as in the workshops that I have created as a Development Facilitator.

Harnessing the powers of Guidance, Synergy, Communication and Consensus, as well as Intuition, Insight and Curiosity I provoke healthy change and transformation though my conversations and discussion which result in new perspectives and ideas to reflect on and process.

It is my job to hold space and energy for my clients so that they feel the support as they journey introspectivly at times and practice the changes at others, developing new strategies and behaviours that will take them to their desired outcomes. It is my feeling that we are all in need of a support structure at times and I provide that as a Development Coach.

We all need “Fine Tuning for Peak Performance”, to allow us to identify the patterns, trends and restrictions that are in our lives and are no longer serving us. One we have identified a pattern then we must explore that in depth, getting curious and pushing its boundaries to understand its relevance to our life and if it is still supporting us positively.

We look at the commitments, hidden commitments, values, crossed values and behaviours that are aligned with the pattern and unravel then we can start the process of acceptance and change. Building new strategies and practices that can supersede our old ones and take us to the next level.

Using Mental and Emotional Fitness… and practicing Mental and Emotional Fitness we co-create a very clear sense of how you will want to move forward into the outcomes you want to achieve.

Why I became a Coach

My personal journey has been of great change and transformation, overcoming challenges, disappointments and setbacks that include the death of my wife and the joy of raising two children alone.  In 2008 I consciously decided to step out, explore and learn more… which led to self-improvement and healing with Meditation, Mindfulness and more…  

In 2018, I became a Leadership & Empowerment Coach with a focus on peak performance. This embodies self-improvement and healing through the mindful practice of mental and emotional fitness. I am passionate about self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-development that this practice promotes. I simply light up when I talk about it, compelling me to continue sharing my knowledge with others.  It is of benefit to many people when it comes to mental health and self-care especially now with all of the COVID restrictions and uncertainty.   

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Professional Certified Coach and Member of the International Coaching Federation.  Along with my coaching training and spiritual healing practice background, I actively engage with my 20 years’ experience in international and corporate hospitality and 10 years as an entrepreneur with startups in hospitality, trading, import and export, extensive leadership, relationship and communication skills, with people from different cultures, countries, diverse backgrounds and conditions as well as my spiritual learnings and passions.  

My strengths are Guidance & Synergy, Communication and Consensus, Intuition and Insite, Education and Persuasion, Origination.  At heart I am an educator.  Metaphorically I open the doors for people to walk through.

In short, I bring my whole self to each coaching session. 

And I truly believe:

take small steps to … LIVE LARGE

– David Bingley CPCC, PCC

My Life Purpose Statement

“I am the spark that lights up the doorway to awakening and awareness”

Let me help you find yours!

Your first consultation is on me