Workshop Endorsement

Coaching the Practice of Sales Fitness 12 Hour Workshop

“I’m Dan and I am the Managing Director of Law Business Research in Asia.  When David and I were talking about the training, the thing that really came across was really the willingness to tailor the entire program to our business, and that’s what I think made an amazing difference in terms of the results that we got out of it.  The team really engaged with David, they enjoyed the sessions, and what I’ve seen since the course ended was just a transformation.  The people have been far more interested in their jobs.  They have been much more aware of themselves and we’ve seen that flow through into the results.  We had our biggest month the month after the course.  It says it all.”

Daniel Cole – Managing Director – Hong Kong – July 2021

Workshop Endorsement

Coaching the Practice of Sales Fitness 12 Hour Workshop

“Hi, I’m Chris. I’m the Business Development Manager and Law Business Research, and I did some training with David.  I have always struggled with getting my messages and meaning in what I wanted to say verbally and on email.   I would set out a big paragraph to client and it is futile to do that.  After coaching with David, I was able to shorten my messages to make sure that they are read and engaged with.  And instead of presuming what I wanted to hear from the client and going at them and not really listening to them, I am now able to tailor how I am speaking and then really listen to what the client wants to hear from me and I can now engage with the clients better and ask more probing questions to get them talking and engaging with me which then results in me having more conversations with new people.”

Chris – Business Development Manager – Hong Kong – July 2021

Workshop Endorsement

Coaching the Practice of Sales Fitness 12 Hour Workshop

“Hello my name is Ines and I work at Law Business Research, and I had some training with David a few weeks ago which I found very useful.  The biggest takeaway from David’s training is the *saboteur’s type.  I learnt what types I am and also the types of some of my colleagues as well.  I find it useful because I can now guess what kind of types my clients are, and also in the conversation I would know what to tell them and what to avoid talking about to my clients.  Being aware of what my types are helps me a lot to know what I should be behaving in front of people and what I should be talking about.  The other big thing that I learnt from David’s training was the levels of listening.  I want previously aware of the levels of listening, like how you can pay attention to the client.  I now put this to use in my daily conversation with my clients nowadays.  I listen more to the client and what they say, and I think that the lawyers are happy for us to listen to what they want to share. This brings the conversation to a more engaged and interactive.”

Ines – Sales Manager – Hong Kong – July 2021

*saboteur types comes from a personality test that identifies the default limiting trends and strategies that a person will unconsciously go to in any given situation.  Reaction versus responding. So knowing your default settings will assist you to identify your triggers.  Ines learnt about her colleagues and their behaviors and can better navigate her relationships there as well as having a better feeling about her clients. – David Bingley CPCC, ACC

Client Endorsement

I highly recommend David if you are looking for an experienced career coach who can help you identify your goals, develop your leadership skills and overcome people management challenges. David is very intuitive, observant and draws from a variety of schools of thought while applying CTI coaching techniques.

– Viviane Eide- Coaching Client – May 2022 to February 2023

Client Endorsement

Working with David has been a transformational experience for my personal and professional life. I connected with David during a difficult period of change in my organization. I was new manger who’d just lost 3 levels of leadership and was rudderless & underwater. David worked with me to give me perspective, clarity, and stability. He helped me see different angles, and taught me to let go in areas that were outside of my control. Together we created concrete action plans for me to take action on, which David held me accountable to. At work I was promoted & credited with keeping the team together during the turmoil, and I owe that to David.

Additionally, his support was key in helping me find my footing post-layoff, I’m grateful that we continued to meet despite my employment changing. I learned to hone in on my values, and used them as a guide. My perspective on wellbeing & work life balance has shifted during our time together, his coaching changed the way I show up for my family and my team. Thank you David!

– Shmuel Rosansky – Coaching Client – May 2022 to March 2023

Client Endorsement

I’ve worked with many coaches in the past, but David was the very best. I started working with him when I became a first time manager. In each session he created a safe environment for me to explore and expand, rooted in his keen ability to listen deeply.

I always felt supported and (in his words) “seen, heard, recognized and respected” even when I uncovered unpleasant truths about myself; this enabled David to skillfully challenge me while empowering me when I needed it most. David encouraged me to look at difficult situations from a different view, to take in the bigger picture, and reframe my usual ways of thinking.

I appreciated how I was frequently moved toward action, ending each session with a check in where I could express my biggest takeaways and share tangible actions I planned to take between sessions. David also helped me to celebrate my wins during a period of a lot of learning for me as a new manager.

I now have the tools and framework to help me continue showing up for myself as a leader at work and in life. If you are ready to embody your values and take steps toward becoming the person you want to be, I highly recommend David as your next coach. He is a master of his craft — genuine, insightful, and relatable. Thank you David for sharing your gift with me!

– Monica Nazario – Coaching Client – May 2022 to February 2023

Client Endorsement

When David came up as a recommended coach for me (and I read his bio), I was excited to see what would evolve over the next 6 months! David supported me through a challenging transition at work. He was an excellent sounding board, mirror, and guide, as we unpacked conversations, prepared for challenging conversations, and he lifted me up to look at things on a macro level. I really enjoyed our conversational style, David’s challenges and insights, and the way our sessions would naturally evolve based on what I brought to them.

David created the space I needed for deep reflection to give me the clarity I needed to make some bold decisions and reprioritise.

Thank you for a brilliant 6 months!

– Simone Parker – Coaching Client – July 2022 to January 2023

Client Endorsement

I am writing this testimonial to recommend David as a coach. I have been working with him for six months and have found it a very rewarding experience. David has helped me better understand myself, explore new perspectives and develop healthier relationships with my team, my manager, my work (and the world). This enabled me to handle challenges with confidence and develop new strategies for dealing with difficult situations.

David is a very skilled coach and an experienced business leader.  He listens with empathy,  points out the root cause with sharp eyes and inspires me with his personal stories when needed. He is not only a coach who leads and accompanies me on my journey to find the right solution, but also a mentor who gives actionable advice at the right moment.

I appreciate the guidance and support David has given me.  Largely attributed to his coaching, I have received outstanding performance reviews at work and exceptional manager feedback from my team. Most importantly, I am a happier person who can always find a silver lining during difficult times. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a coach to help them achieve their goals.

– Michelle Zhang – Coaching Client – May 2022 to January 2023

Client Endorsement

When I started working with David, I was a fairly new manager. I was struggling with how to give real-time feedback in a way that was both constructive and supportive, amongst other things. I was also unsure about how to navigate the balance between being liked and being respected.

David helped me to reframe my perspective on these issues. He taught me that feedback is a gift, and that it is important to be both honest and kind – and in real-time – to set your team up for success. He also helped me to understand that it is possible to be both liked and respected, and that the key is to be authentic.

I am grateful for the time I spent working with David. He helped me to become a better manager, and I am confident that I will be able to use the skills I learned from him to continue to grow as a leader.

– BX Tang – Coaching Client – May 2022 to January 2023

Client Endorsement

David’s coaching is one of the biggest factors to which I would attribute the progress I have seen in both my career and personal life. Had I known the changes and impact the coaching with David has had I would have sought out his counsel much earlier. During the 5-month sessions we had the goals we set on Day 1 has been achieved and for mid-term goals significant progress was attained. David’s coaching is very clear, and tailor fit to one’s needs. I would highly recommend David for those looking for a career coach.

Thank you David, my future self 10 years from now will look back on this day as the pivotal point where it changed significantly for the better. I wish him well and the best of luck. His next mentee will be so lucky to have him. I can imagine a wonderful world where he could influence the lives of 100 of us.

– Arnel Durana – Coaching Client – October 2022 to February 2023

Client Endorsement

David, I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the excellent coaching you provided during our time together in recent months. As you know, I was focused on career mapping and my own career advancement.  While there have been some unexpected twists and turns at my company over this time, I’m so happy to say that the plans are now in motion for my career to take on some new challenges and growth. I’m meeting with my Chief Customer Officer tomorrow for a 1:1 to discuss opportunities and the achievements that have been conveyed to him by my senior management, who are fully supportive of my growth and career ambitions.  I have already met with my Sr. Director last week, and she arranged for me to begin project work with the Marketing Advocacy team, which was exactly what I wanted.  So things are going as I hoped they would. I also received the largest merit increase in my 14 years.  

I wish our time together would have lasted longer but you definitely provided the guidance, confidence, and encouragement that I needed in order to get me this far and I want to thank you for that, David!  

If I have another opportunity for coaching, I will surely reach out. 

David, thank you again for your time, guidance, and support!  It worked!!!

– Bonnie Breacher – Coaching Client – November 2022 to March 2023

Client Endorsement

It was such a great experience to have coaching sessions with you.  You have been coaching me very effectively, I found myself and my empowerment and my voice and was encouraged to face my fears and speak up.  Throughout the coaching sessions, you gave me a safe space and the feeling that was trustworthy coaching and guidance.  I was able to be more confident and to be ready for challenges. As a result of those sessions we had, I can set my priorities for the year in more achievable way and I am confident that I can accomplish them.  I really appreciate your wonderful coaching and I will not forget this experience.  Hope to meet you again if I am given another coaching opportunity.

– Hong, Soo Mi – Coaching Client – August 2022 to February 2023

Client Endorsement

David Bingley’s coaching during the last 6 months has had a transformative effect on my management and leadership skills. When I joined David for coaching, I was confused about my new company’s culture and was constantly questioning my identity and purpose.

David gracefully accepted my proposal for being my coach. During the first few sessions, he patiently explained to me the process, and expectations and did a level-setting exercise.

David is very calm and empathetic in his listening skills. Many times he was accurately able to articulate my problem effectively and clearly. He developed a reflection and deep exploration mindset in me while suggesting some simple and subtle frameworks.

He gave me enough time to implement and use those frameworks and further understood my reflections and feedback which made the coaching a very personalized and fruitful experience.

I used to eagerly look forward to his sessions. His sessions were sometimes meditation and well-being breaks for me. During my engagement session, I couldn’t even realize how he was making me learn and implement compassion and courage simultaneously in my work life.  Given an opportunity, I would like to join David again.

– Parul Tyagi – Coaching Client – June 2022 to January 2023

Client Endorsement

Thanks David for working with me. Your support came in in the right time, in the right direction. Initially I though I was supposed to work in some work related opportunities , but end of working in deep and personal opportunities. Thanks for being there, which allowed me to be open and share my vulnerability with you and work on the key aspects. Your guidance was key for me to bring things to conscience and be more aware of circumstances. 

– Guillermo Aguilar – Coaching Client – October 2022 to January 2023

Client Endorsement

David provided top-tier coaching that impacted my approach to work and personal life.  He helped me address several complex work-related topics.   David is very personable and relatable.  He has a rich professional background that allows him to engage with people from a variety of experiences and backgrounds – he has spent several decades living and working in the Asia Pacific region, which makes him especially suited for coaching international and multicultural individuals. A big shout out to David for the professional coaching!  I would work with David anytime, and hope that others can benefit from him in the future too.

– David Henderson – Coaching Client – May 2022 to January 2023

Client Endorsement

Despite feeling successful in both personal and professional endeavors I had this seemingly perpetual feeling of angst and stress that I could never seem to shake. Throughout our coaching sessions, David helped me to realize that while my personal and professional outcomes were good, in and of themselves, there was a divide, and even a lack of authenticity, in my professional life that was at the root of my uneasiness. David’s candid and genuine approach helped me to realize that while we should always be striving towards greater personal development, that should never come at the expense of being comfortable and confident in who we are in the present. David’s coaching helped me to be authentic and genuine in all that I do – no matter the setting – which has freed me from the anxiety I had been burdened with.   

– Matt Mayer – Coaching Client – April 2022 to December 2022

Client Endorsement

David is an intuitive coach who has the ability to create the right balance between ‘mind and heart’. He is perceptive, sensitive and kind hearted and knows how to translate the intuitive to daily life. Its been wonderful getting to know his work and he will help many more people in their journey.

Charlotte S. Netherlands – Coaching Client – March 2022

Client Endorsement

I worked with David, as my Coach, over a one year period. I highly recommend working with David.

I found David’s coaching to be really effective in unlocking my understanding of my motivations, values and what my saboteurs are. Using these insights I was able to relook at my goals and pursue them with a sense of purpose.

David is very personable, and excellent at making one feel at ease in conversation. That said, he is not shy to push you into uncomfortable territory which is where the real work often happens.

Through David’s coaching, I was able to develop better self-awareness and can now catch myself when I drift towards thought patterns that hold me back. 

I found David’s coaching so useful that I went back for a condensed version a year later when faced with a career cross road and was able to successfully frame my decision process around a better sense of intrinsic values. 

– Chaithanya Bondada – Hong Kong – Repeating Coaching Client – February 2022

Client Endorsement

“It was a great pleasure to be assisted for almost a year by David. A very calm and friendly human.  He has detected and analysed some of my blockage point that were disturbing my everyday life. I now have a better picture of how to handle issues and choose a different path when needed. David has been very responsive during period of coaching by email, phone or text message even out of normal office hour which is really appreciable when facing challenges in life. I highly recommend to consult him you definitely has nothing to loose !!!”

– Antoine Piccolo – Hong Kong – Coaching Client February to December 2021

Client Endorsement

“The excellent work that David have brought to our coaching sessions is beyond my expectations.  By guiding me through the obstacles with compassion, empathy and inspiration, David guides me not only with his coaching skills, but also with his intuition. He provided me with a safe space to explore my weaknesses and my hidden strengths. I’ve learned a lot from David (and from myself) during the coaching sessions.”

Vanlisa Bourqui – Switzerland – Coaching Client – December 2020 to July 2021

Client Endorsement

“Recently I was so fortunate to receive coaching from David Bingley, with his gifts as a coach. I was asked upfront to think about any specific topics I would like to talk about and what my intentions were. 

David starts, with his full presence, he is so incredibly on point with finding/identifying those blockages, he also asked me very to-the-point questions about specific subjects and was able to give me some very powerful and useful insights and affirmations to use in my daily life. The entire process fully resonated with me, feeling sensations in my bodily system on very deep, profound levels. And when I thought the session was over, David sent me a captivating message the next day, as a great follow-up and a beautiful, powerful support. 

In the period after the sessions, I could sense the continuation of deep energetic shifts, resonance and understanding – not only within myself, but also in relationship with other people and in my surroundings in general.  And this is still ongoing. It feels to me, heavy energies where somehow resolved and/or released and I am able to work with these new energies in a very easy and accessible way. Thanks to the affirmations David gave me, I can remind myself all the time of the shifts that occurred and that David worked on.

The combination of both the deep energetic healing and the practical usability of the affirmations on specific subjects in my life, together with some very valuable and illuminating insights, made this session truly golden. I feel my life has been seriously upgraded, on several levels, since I had David’s session. What a blessing and of course highly recommendable.” 

– Jeske Dijkstra – Netherlands – Coaching Client – July 2021

Client Endorsement

I had coaching with David and experienced things shifting and untangling in my perception, which I couldn’t get to those ‘issues’ that David got to with laser-like precision. I find that I benefitted from the session immensely also because I really took the time to focus and do my inner work specifically informed and guided by pieces that I found invaluable in the weeks following.  It deepened my self-trust immensely. As for the other things, I appear to be in such flow of energies, new information and perhaps the time is dawning for me to welcome this as a new way of being. Either way, my self-trust has helped me to open myself more to my work. helped me to fine tune my perception, revealing new choice points, where I could shift out of pain into joy. So I’m beyond thrilled to report that with sustained focus on this process, I have been able to remain largely pain-free now! I am so deeply grateful for you showing up in the world with the work that you do!

– Tanja Smaka – Austria – Coaching Client – June 2021

Client Endorsement

Transformative, Selflessness, and Compassionate are 3 powerful words to describe David as a coach. When you work with David, you will feel the genuine desire to serve others. His empathic abilities make him a coach that you would walk away feeling that he has churned you inside-out and enable you to see yourself in a whole new perspective. His humility is his biggest strength – a true leader and true coach knows when to lead without ego.

– John Tse Tow – CPCC, PCC – Leadership Coach – May 2020

Client Endorsement

“David Bingley’s courageous authenticity is what drives his work as a transformational leader and coach.  Whether working one to one or with groups, his willingness to model how to accept ones vulnerability, AND at the same time, commit fully to a vision of a richer fuller life, is what inspires.  And as he opens up the space for deep transformation, he brings heart and humour too, to lighten the way.”   

– Nick Kettles – Senior Executive Leadership Coach & Author – June 2019 to Jan 2020

Client Endorsement

“I had the privilege to be David’s Certification Program Leader at CTI, over six months working close together, I got to know him very well as a committed student, supportive team member and a skillful coach. David is an authentic leader, he is constantly contributing to the team and learning from others. His multicultural, holistic and professional background puts him in a great place to meet clients in professional and geographic multicultural settings. On a personal level, he is a trustworthy, caring and open minded man.”

– Alberto Pollloni – USA – July 2019 to January 2020

Client Endorsement

“David is a very intuitive coach that easily connects with his clients to serve them powerfully.” 

– Nadia T. – USA – July 2019 to January 2020

Client Endorsement

“I worked with David in my Co-active certification program. I got to know him as an enthusiastic, cheerful and dedicated coach. He is patient and intuitive. He listens deeply and observes, and has the unique ability to articulate what lies beneath the surface that blocks you or can fire you up. Moreover, David is fun to work with and knows when and how to challenge you to support your personal and professional development.”

– Sjoerd Roset – Netherlands – July 2019 to January 2020

Client Endorsement

“David creates a safe space and taps his intuition to uncover deeper issues.  Once surfaced he helps guide you to your own answer creating personal transformation.”

– Mukarram Patrawala – USA – July 2019 to January 2020

Client Endorsement

“Ever since I met David 25 years-ago he was full of commitment, drive and action dedicated towards his job and career.  He was stuck on an endless treadmill that was constantly niggling at him.  He was committed to his career despite his feeling unfulfilled and no matter how many promotions he got it would only temporarily lift his spirit before it came crashing down on him.  I was amazed that one day he took the leap to take his destiny and financial security into his own hands and become a coach.  Even with the tragic loss of his wife and the extra responsibility of becoming both mother and father to his two young children did not deter him.  He is an inspiration, even in his darkest moments of grief he was able to find the strength and peace to be loving and caring and present to his children’s needs.  He realized that in this process he was giving too much of himself and was getting ill which awakened him to the need for his own self-care and in doing so lost 12 kg in 6 months.  His journey into coaching has inspired me to look at my own life and identify the changes I can make.”  

– Barry Haynes – Hong Kong – January 2020

Client Endorsement

David is a revelation; he has really helped me take control of my life and has taught me to live in the present moment and to move forward with real strength and purpose. I was stuck on an endless treadmill at work and needed the courage to breakout and re-educate and reinvent myself. David’s own story itself is an inspiration; I am amazed at his bravery and ability to look into the abyss particularly after his wife passed leaving him to raise of his two young children and he still was able to balance take care of them, nurture and grieve, grow and move forward with his plans and dreams to become a coach. He is living his purpose to teach others and help people take care of themselves, showing how to take a break from life, recover and recoup. He can help you to grow exponentially and is an amazing coach.

– Simon Dickens – Hong Kong – January 2020

Client Endorsement

“David is an intuitive coach who has a natural ability to sense where his clients are, and asks thoughtful questions to confirm that. He does not put any pressure to be or think a certain way and he holds his clients as fully capable. His ability to smoothly navigate to resonance is easily felt. David is a great coach!”

– Elizabeth Gibbons – USA – July 2019 to January 2020

Client Endorsement

“David goes beyond just “seeing” his clients where they are; he beholds them as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and creates a tangible sense of engagement and honesty which empowers their growth.

– Andrew Hatch – USA – July 2019 to January 2020

Client Endorsement

“It was useful.  I found myself able to express myself and speak my feelings directly.  The session is definitely useful.  My relative commented that she noticed a difference in me.”

– Herlina Heaps – Singapore – April 2016

Client Endorsement

“The first night I was quite energetic so couldn’t sleep – but after that night my sleep quality has improved ( I always have sleep problem ever since a kid ).   –  I feel I have more space in the head and torso.  I feel more rooted by the gravity pulling deeper level – which I didn’t feel that before, I was feeling more like gliding on the ground before.  –  I do feel having a greater and deeper level of awareness is a good feeling.”  

Thank You

– Mae Yong Lin Wu – Hong Kong – April 2016