Transformative, Selflessness, and Compassionate are 3 powerful words to describe David as a coach. When you work with David, you will feel the genuine desire to serve others. His empathic abilities make him a coach that you would walk away feeling that he has churned you inside-out and enable you to see yourself in a whole new perspective. His humility is his biggest strength – a true leader and true coach knows when to lead without ego.

– John Tse Tow – CPCC, PCC – Leadership Coach – May 2020

“David Bingley’s courageous authenticity is what drives his work as a transformational leader and coach.  Whether working one to one or with groups, his willingness to model how to accept ones vulnerability, AND at the same time, commit fully to a vision of a richer fuller life, is what inspires.  And as he opens up the space for deep transformation, he brings heart and humour too, to lighten the way.”   

– Nick Kettles – Senior Executive Leadership Coach & Author – June 2019 to Jan 2020

“I had the privilege to be David’s Certification Program Leader at CTI, over six months working close together, I got to know him very well as a committed student, supportive team member and a skillful coach. David is an authentic leader, he is constantly contributing to the team and learning from others. His multicultural, holistic and professional background puts him in a great place to meet clients in professional and geographic multicultural settings. On a personal level, he is a trustworthy, caring and open minded man.”

– Alberto Pollloni – USA – July 2019 to January 2020

“David is a very intuitive coach that easily connects with his clients to serve them powerfully.” 

– Nadia T. – USA – July 2019 to January 2020

“I worked with David in my Co-active certification program. I got to know him as an enthusiastic, cheerful and dedicated coach. He is patient and intuitive. He listens deeply and observes, and has the unique ability to articulate what lies beneath the surface that blocks you or can fire you up. Moreover, David is fun to work with and knows when and how to challenge you to support your personal and professional development.”

– Sjoerd Roset – Netherlands – July 2019 to January 2020

“David creates a safe space and taps his intuition to uncover deeper issues.  Once surfaced he helps guide you to your own answer creating personal transformation.”

– Mukarram Patrawala – USA – July 2019 to January 2020

“Ever since I met David 25 years-ago he was full of commitment, drive and action dedicated towards his job and career.  He was stuck on an endless treadmill that was constantly niggling at him.  He was committed to his career despite his feeling unfulfilled and no matter how many promotions he got it would only temporarily lift his spirit before it came crashing down on him.  I was amazed that one day he took the leap to take his destiny and financial security into his own hands and become a coach.  Even with the tragic loss of his wife and the extra responsibility of becoming both mother and father to his two young children did not deter him.  He is an inspiration, even in his darkest moments of grief he was able to find the strength and peace to be loving and caring and present to his children’s needs.  He realized that in this process he was giving too much of himself and was getting ill which awakened him to the need for his own self-care and in doing so lost 12 kg in 6 months.  His journey into coaching has inspired me to look at my own life and identify the changes I can make.”  

– Barry Haynes – Hong Kong – January 2020

David is a revelation; he has really helped me take control of my life and has taught me to live in the present moment and to move forward with real strength and purpose. I was stuck on an endless treadmill at work and needed the courage to breakout and re-educate and reinvent myself. David’s own story itself is an inspiration; I am amazed at his bravery and ability to look into the abyss particularly after his wife passed leaving him to raise of his two young children and he still was able to balance take care of them, nurture and grieve, grow and move forward with his plans and dreams to become a coach. He is living his purpose to teach others and help people take care of themselves, showing how to take a break from life, recover and recoup. He can help you to grow exponentially and is an amazing coach.

– Simon Dickens – Hong Kong – January 2020

“David is an intuitive coach who has a natural ability to sense where his clients are, and asks thoughtful questions to confirm that. He does not put any pressure to be or think a certain way and he holds his clients as fully capable. His ability to smoothly navigate to resonance is easily felt. David is a great coach!”

– Elizabeth Gibbons – USA – July 2019 to January 2020

“David goes beyond just “seeing” his clients where they are; he beholds them as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and creates a tangible sense of engagement and honesty which empowers their growth.

– Andrew Hatch – USA – July 2019 to January 2020