The 3 Principals

#purpose #selfcare #gratitude


We all need a purpose and direction in our life.  Are we working on our own purpose in life or on the purpose for others?  Meaning are you fulfilled in your work, your purpose and direction.  Does your compass need to be tweaked? re-calibrated? replaced?  What is your purpose?  Living your life on your purpose changes your entire game and perspective.


By understanding, honoring and practicing #selfcare at the right time allows you to take back your power and authenticity as you start to take manage of your variables and nurture your-self creating room to rest, relax, re-energize, re-cooperate etc… be that giving your-self a time out to be alone or saying NO to work so you can support your child on sports day or the play they have a role in etc…..  #selfcare is about nurturing and giving back to yourself taking good care or your body, mind and soul.   By bringing balance here you can bring balance everywhere.


Being grateful is one of the most powerful and empowering tools that you can bring into your game, your life your dreams.  It is a choice AND it is a habit.  It is who you are expressing whether you are hiding your true self behind the visage of a stern and serious face or hiding behind a happy deflective sense of self depreciation.  Just by being honest grateful in your expression and feelings then you will have started your own journey of self-empowerment.